Trust leather hackamore
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Trust Leather Hackamore Combi Short Straight Bit

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Size 12.5cm

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Trust Leather Hackamore Combi Short Straight Bit - 

The leather bits are a striking addition to the Trust Equestrian bits collection. The leather bits are hand crafted in the Netherlands for the perfect finish. The core of the bits is made of reinforced nylon. The leather stitched around the nylon core has been tanned naturally without the use of chemicals. As the horse salivates, the saliva softens the bit, making it more comfortable in the horses mouth. The flexibility combined with the taste of leather makes the bit ideal for horses with a sensitive mouth. A unique feature to the Trust leather bits is the round construction and the flexibility the leather mouthpiece has to offer.

Available in 12.5cm, 13.5cm or 14.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Amazing combo bit!!!!

I was really crossing my fingers and holding my breath when I invested in this beautiful bit. My jumper is super sensitive in the mouth, and prefers a traditional hackamore but ---- he requires a little more contact for steering and accuracy. The long shank combo bits are too strong (fishtails everywhere), and the jointed mouthpiece makes him cranky. This short shank leather mullen is such an amazing compromise!!! Love that Trust makes so many variations for all our quirky horses :)