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Eczema Rug

Fly and Eczema Rug

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Holland Animal Care

Size 125

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Fly and Eczema Rug - does your horse suffer from eczema or is constantly annoyed by flies during the summer months? If you're looking to keep the flies off your horse whilst allowing them to remain cool, this zebra rug is the perfect solution!  

Main features:

• Integrated neck section with Velcro fastener
• Narrow mesh soft polyester and zebra look provides perfect protection from annoying flies, stinging and biting insects
• Lined chest area
• With elastic leg straps and RugBe kick pleat
• Securable belly guard with elastic strapping
• Large tail flap
• Machine washable at 30 °C
A = 
Back length (withers to bottom)
B = Length horse (chest to bottom)
A: 125cm B: 175cm
A: 135cm B: 185cm
A: 145cm B: 195cm
A: 155cm B: 205cm
A: 165cm B: 215cm