Flexi Soft Eggbutt Bit
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Eggbutt Flexi Soft Bit

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Size 12.5cm

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Eggbutt Flexi Soft Bit The Inno Sense Flexi Soft mouthpieces are made from elastic plastic material, which is really flexible. Inside is a flexible metal core. The flexibility makes it an overall very friendly bit which is accepted really well by most horses. The Inno Sense Flexi Soft is not as suitable for very strong horses. 

Inno Sense Bits

The Inno Sense collection kann be used for all types of horses, but are very suitable for young horses, as well as those that are very sensitive in the mouth. The used material is FDA approved, which indicates that the bits are non-toxic and they do not contain any plasticizers. The Inno Sense bits are available with four different mouth pieces and can be combined with all types of side pieces. 

How it works:

Eggbut, D-Ring- & Full Cheek act like snaffles, they only act on rein tension - over the tongue on the lower jaw. The rein aids are transmitted more directly than with snaffle bits. The movements of restless or inexperienced rider hands are not cushioned, but passed on directly.

Since the mouthpiece is firmly attached to the ring, it lies particularly quietly in the horse's mouth. The soft transitions to the side parts make these bits particularly gentle on the muzzle. In addition, there is an additional lateral support due to the contact surface of the side parts, which, for example, makes it easier to ride turns and the limitation on the outer rein (safe rein aid). The following applies: the larger the contact area between the side part and the lip, the greater the lateral impact.

These bits are particularly suitable for horses with sensitive corners of the mouth, for horses that tend to break out over the shoulder (e.g. when turning away or when approaching jumps) or for horses that have a very restless mouth and the mouthpiece of a ring bit "playing" too much.

Thickness: 20mm

Sizes: 12.5cm, 13.5cm or 14.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Yep, she loves it and now I've learned, from my trainer, how to ride it....so it's a keeper!

Great bit

My horse loves it!


My horse needed a flexible mullen due to the shape of his mouth that would still deliver rein communication. The bit seems to be very high quality and flexible, but runs a little narrow (horse goes in a 5.5" and this fits up against his lips). I wish it came in different thicknesses.

I ride my mare in a bitless bridle...this is the ONLY bit I'll use on her...

This bit is amazing and my mare, who has not been able to ride with a bit for over two years, loves it. She opens her mouth for it and is as soft as can be. I am also beyond impressed by the staff at Equizone. They treated me with the utmost care, and even though I am overseas, I felt like I was in an actual brick and mortar shop with attentive employees. Thank you so much!!


Super !!!